Dohars and Quilts are Perfect Solutions to Monsoons

Selecting the perfect bed linen, such as quilts, dohars, blankets, etc., for comfort can be arduous in the monsoon. You love to have a substitute that doesn’t take too long to dry during the wet monsoon season. However, you want an option that will safeguard you from the damp weather and the chills it threatens to come with. This can be grim as cotton quilts and bedsheets can serve to be on the risky side of options available to you. Yet the right dohar or quilt can be the perfect solution to monsoon-associated bed linen furry.

Below mentioned are some reasons stated by the experts at Sanya Collection why one should invest in them during the monsoon:


Monsoon season is one of the most irritating seasons of all and is a synonym for all sorts of bacteria and microorganisms developing in a damp setting. You might be arranging and employing several methods and sanitizers to keep your home and bedroom away from all the germs. At the same time, upholding your bed linen free from all sorts of infection and illness-causing microbes and bacteria is vital.

This is where dohars and quilts play a significant role and makes a difference. You can use them along with anti-viral bed linens. This bedsheet prevents the growth of microbes in your bedsheet set, comprising dohars and quilts, as these come in contact with our skin after at least 8 hours of sound sleep.

Dohar and Quilts Queen Size

You may consider the likes of bamboo charcoal quilts as they are super soft. They also come with anti-microbial and anti-odor possessions; these make them ideal for the monsoon season.

Furthermore, when you opt on premium quality brands, for example, Sanya Collection with regards to purchasing dohars and quilts, you are picking items that are liberated from harmful substances and toxins, which make them safe and suggested for your wellbeing. All things considered, skin-related diseases and conditions truly do will quite often erupt during the monsoons.

According to Weather

With the rains comes a lot of windy and cool weather with it as well as enormous humidity. This means it becomes challenging to use the heavy comforters when it doesn’t rain and the sun is shining bright. As an alternative, our light padding, dohars and quilts are just the comfy and warm you require on a rainy day. These also work well as the cotton AC quilts on days when it gets hot and humid. Significantly, this also saves you from the bothersome of keeping multiple bed linens convenient throughout the monsoon season.

Dohar and Quilts Light Qreen With Flower

Moreover, since dohars and quilts are very lightweight, they only need a few hours of drying, nothing like heavy comforters, to dispose of any damp odor that may affect your home and bedroom linens.

Cheer Up

Last but not least, the primary reason to invest in dohars and quilts during the monsoon are that they are the mood booster when things get gloomy and dull. Imagine yourself with a hot stimulating cup of coffee when it is raining. This ultra-thin sheet will provide slight warmth or struggle to stay upright under cotton dohars or woolen dohars. On the other hand, cotton or woolen quilts or dohars are easy to fold easily. The fact that they come in a variety of prints and colors is another way in which you can boost your bedroom’s setting and your mood on a dull, gloomy day.

Dohar and Quilts Patern Printed

Hence, if you are wondering whether you should consider buying dohars and quilts for the monsoon, you should go ahead. They will stand out for delightful investments not just for the season but also when it comes to AC, whether at any time of the year.


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